Agile Delivery Services

We leverage our agile expertise to quickly deliver incremental value by identifying minimum viable products, utilizing inspect and adapt cycles, and embracing a culture of continuous exploration. Our Certified Agile and Solutions Implementation Professionals provide a holistically integrated approach to product design, software development, and lifecycle management throughout the agile delivery pipeline. Our approach establishes valued transparency and accountability throughout the planning, delivery, and completion of large-scale enterprise-wide IT initiatives.

Agile Program Management

Our proven agile program management approach complements the iterative agile development process.

  • We align the traditional program management phases (program initiation, design and planning, execution, monitoring and control, and close-out) with the agile development phases, so the agile activities align with program reporting and management
  • Additionally, the agile, iterative activities support the program management deliverables: program management tasks, risk management, and program reporting

Agile Software Development

Within agile development, there are many methodologies that deliver new capabilities and iteratively refine and improve them over time. Our team works with our clients to select and execute the agile approach that best fits with their environment and agile experience.

  • Scrum: A flexible framework that emphasizes collaboration and continuous improvement. Best for small teams
  • Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®): A more structured, yet agile, framework that relies on coordination and alignment across multiple organizational teams and levels. Best for large, complex projects
  • DevSecOps: An extension of agile development beyond the software development team that promotes collaboration across the Development, Security, and Operations teams. Best for operational-level continuous integration and delivery of capabilities
  • Custom: A tailored agile approach that applies attributes from a combination of agile approaches to support the delivery of strategic enterprise capabilities

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance begins before the first code is written — and extends well beyond the integration and adoption of new capabilities. With the goal of operational sustainment, our Agile Delivery Services incorporate quality assurance every step of the way.

We employ:

  • Quality assurance measures that help ensure costs, schedule, and performance meet stakeholder expectations
  • Risk management best practices that ensure all software and system changes align with your security requirements
  • A backlog of prioritized capabilities and user stories that guide new development for continuous improvement and efficiencies
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