Cyber Operations and Compliance

In reducing cybersecurity risks to organizational assets, our team is experienced in guiding the definition and implementation of an array of cyber risk management capabilities. We work with your cybersecurity and compliance leaders to organize your approach, comply with regulations, and operate within policy directives. Applying agile management concepts and tools, we help you better plan, implement, track, and document your organizations’ security solutions.

Knowledge-Driven Cyber Operations Solutions Support

As cyber adversaries’ tradecraft increases in sophistication, we use our signature Lean Agile Framework to expand the development and deployment of automated capabilities in cyberspace. Our team provides expert engineering support to the planning, integration, and testing phases of development. Leveraging the latest innovation practices such as SAFe® 6.0, SecDevOps, and modern product management techniques, we support the transformation to cyber-focused architectures and facilitate solution design for cyber knowledge curation analytics to expand end-to-end, knowledge-driven cyber mission capabilities.

Incident Response and Recovery Planning

Using innovative concepts and tools, we collaborate with your cybersecurity leaders to develop and implement custom Incident Response Plans. Flexible plans allow you to prioritize and apply resources efficiently and effectively, to make informed decisions on expenditures and buy-down incidents through continual improvement.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Applying agile management concepts and tools, we help your cybersecurity and compliance leaders to assess your current environment, organize your approach, optimize your cybersecurity tools, and define a path to comply and operate with confidence. We help you better plan, implement, document, and assess your security solution and compliance process, as mandated by national and international security requirements and standards.

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