Jourdan Stickler

Solutions Analyst

Jourdan, a solutions analyst newcomer, makes up for lack of experience with ambition and his critical thinking skills. He believes that “anything that truly needs to get done, with a bit of persistence, will get done.”

What Jourdan most appreciates about working for Decisions Oriented is the ability to make a positive impact at a small and growing company. It’s a chance to be a part of something bigger. “I like the fact that work-related communications are constant and inclusive at work, without being intrusive outside of work hours.”

Jourdan was a Division 1 Athlete and graduated from Houston Baptist University in Houston, Texas in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Government and a Minor in Criminal Justice. He also holds an Associate degree in General Studies from Blinn College in Blinn Texas. When not working, you can find Jourdan editing audio tracks, working out, or playing basketball.

Data bytes:

  • Favorite pastime: Snowboarding
  • Favorite vacation spot: Destin, FL
  • Favorite movie: Independence Day
  • Who’s your hero? Goku
  • What inspires you? Monetary wealth