Innovation Management Services

When mission and technology leaders seek solutions for operational challenges, those solutions don’t always exist. It can be daunting to sort through the problem space, identify the challenges, and define opportunities to create a tangible solution that fits your environment and resources.

Our innovation management professionals use proven methodologies, tools, and techniques to explore ideas, identify viable options, and develop practical solutions that support your mission.



Solution Architecture and Design

Adopting a “fail fast” approach to innovation incorporates processes that allow fast and frequent feedback for rapid prototyping. Our approach facilitates the creation of solutions that are quickly tested for flaws and incrementally evolved into functioning capabilities.

Our solution architects and systems engineers work with your technologists, mission leaders, and policy analysts to build quality solutions that reliably work in your environment and within your resources.

Our services include:

  • Concept exploration and visualization
  • Prototype design, requirements definition, and build facilitation
  • Prototype refinement and acceptance

Design Facilitation

When it comes to getting a cross-functional group of professionals to agree on and invest in the right innovation design process, many groups discover that it’s more difficult than it looks.

Our team of design facilitators, solution architects, and systems engineers are practiced at steering the process through complementary and competing forces.

We help your team realize its vision through:

  • Definition of the problem space and scope
  • Discovery of challenges
  • Analysis, design, and selection of solutions that work
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