Transformation and Modernization Services

Providing solution design and implementation support for digital transformation initiatives that push orientation towards data-driven operations, ensuring that key decisions, actions, and processes are strongly influenced by data-driven insights.

Our team of experts start by immersing ourselves in your environment. We guide stakeholders and technical leaders through the journey of identifying, designing, delivering, and adopting the technologies, tools, and processes that deliver long-term agility and impact.

Enterprise Data Management and Analytics Solutions

For organizations requiring data-driven solutions that inform essential decision-making, we apply Agile Product Delivery frameworks and methods to:
• Drive modernization of comprehensive data security architectures such as Zero Trust
• Design and engineer consolidated data management solutions
• Develop and deploy integrated analytics and visualization solutions for greater operational insights

    Digital Software Solutions Support

    Today’s organizations need to innovate, develop, and deploy capabilities at the speed of evolving mission requirements. Through our proprietary DO DECISIONS Approach™, we:

    • Support the adoption of new digital solutions
    • Employ agile frameworks such as SAFe®, DevSecOps, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), giving development teams the flexibility to gauge effectiveness, correct issues, and incorporate lessons learned — early and often
    • Harness Quick Reaction Capabilities (QRC) prototypes to incrementally deploy cloud-based capabilities, and deliver critical functionality to users quickly

    Data Governance and Data Security Solutions

    In any enterprise data management modernization effort, a framework to guide the transformation is paramount. Our reliable, comprehensive approach:

    • Implements our proven data management framework model to develop the “right solution for the right problem”
    • Supports the development of new infrastructure hosting platforms based on the Zero Trust framework for data-centric security
    • Recommends new and emerging access control, attribute-based management, and micro-segmentation technologies and analytics that support the modernization of an organization’s data security model
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