Atlassian Services and Consulting

Whether your team is just starting to transition to agile solution delivery, sharpening its skills to improve battle rhythms, or ready for more advanced tools to optimize your projects, our Atlassian experts can help you adopt the right products to get to the next level.

Jira and Confluence Optimization

Our Atlassian specialists coach and facilitate your team’s transition from traditional software project management to the Atlassian tools that support agile solution delivery. Using Jira, Confluence, and Bamboo, we organize teams to better manage requirements, design, development, integration, and deployment of an end-to-end solution.

Here are just a few ways we can help:

  • Better managing requirements and user story development
  • Creating templates for project planning and status reporting
  • Organizing and promoting configuration control and versioning
  • Creating libraries of related artifacts and documentation for improved program planning and management
  • Enabling documentation management
  • Creating visibility into development team performance, work progress, and project
  • Reporting status from management dashboard views
  • Developing use cases that export to test cases in Bamboo for release management
    Using Jira for spins, sprints, and bug fix management and tracking of complex system changes

Scrum Master Services

Serving as an extension of your team, our scrum masters use Atlassian’s Jira to organize and transform your scrum projects. Using step-by-step practical instructions, we prioritize your backlog, organize your sprint’s battle rhymes, and establish a framework for DevOps. We model and share best practices, helping to streamline your experience from a simplified cadence to mature agile iterations.

We organize your professionals and teams to:


  • Create team working agreements
  • Establish issue management governance
  • Establish sprint forecasting and cadence
  • Manage and mature work throughput using Jira work capacity tools
  • Close out your sprint and use the retrospective as a tool for improvement
  • Adjust tasks planning for the next sprint

Atlassian Administration

For some project teams that are short-handed or new to Jira, it’s helpful to have an Atlassian expert on site. Our Jira experts can serve as a project administrator to track and manage your project through Jira.

Our Jira experts can do as little or as much as makes sense for you and your team, including:


  • Make system changes in Jira to customize your system for your projects
  • Configure Jira to map to your project
    • Set up boards, milestones, privileges, roles, and privileges
    • Create custom workflows, develop schemes, or adjust themes

Jira/Confluence Solutions Architect Services

Confluence for Successful Solutions Management: Combining the speed of working individually while working collaboratively, our team promotes iterating through solutions development projects, utilizing the experience canvas widget, and the expansive set of features to organize, document, and centralize a single source of knowledge for transparent and rapid development.


  • Gliffy for Design and Enterprise Architecture Documentation
  • Experience Canvas for Lean Innovation
  • Minimal Viable Products for Prototype (Fail fast solutions)

Atlassian Training

Cyber Defense

Systems Engineering