Decisions Oriented partners with governmental and industrial sector entities to bring ideas to life with practical solutions that solve the most challenging and complex problems. Our services support exploring ideas, identifying viable options, and developing sustainable solutions that work.

Transformation and Modernization Services

Providing solution design and implementation support for digital transformation initiatives including methods for rapid adoption of new technologies that drive orientation towards data-driven operations — ensuring that key decisions, actions, and processes are strongly influenced by data-driven insights.

We provide:
• Enterprise Data Management and Analytics Solutions
• Digital Software Solutions Support
• Data Management and Data Security Solutions

Agile Delivery Services

Incremental delivery of operational efficiencies and capabilities can add value quickly. We promote a holistically integrated approach to product design, software development, and lifecycle management throughout the agile delivery pipeline. Our approach establishes valued transparency and accountability throughout the planning, delivery, and completion of large-scale enterprise IT initiatives.

Our services include:
• Agile Program Management
• Agile Software Development
• Quality Assurance Support

Cyber Operations and Compliance

Keeping up with evolving cybersecurity regulations, compliance requirements, and the latest threats are daunting challenges. We work with your cybersecurity and compliance leaders to organize your approach, comply with regulations, and operate within policy directives.

We deliver:
• Knowledge-Driven Cyber Operations Support
• Incident Response and Recovery Planning
• Governance, Risk, and Compliance Solutions

Engineering Services

Precision and value. Our engineering services deliver just that, harnessing an expert Lean Agile Delivery approach to building and construction projects. We facilitate innovation, collaboration, and alignment to ensure that each project demonstrates incremental value throughout the project lifecycle.

We offer:
• Construction Services
• Facility Engineering Services
• Systems Engineering Services

Innovation Management Services

For some operational challenges, solutions don’t (yet) exist. Our innovation management experts lead your process of exploring ideas, identifying viable options, and developing sustainable solutions that work.

Services include:
Solution Architecture and Design
Design Facilitation

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