Engineering Services

Precision and value. Our engineering services deliver just that. We harness an expert Lean Agile Delivery approach to building and construction projects, facilitating innovation, collaboration, and alignment to ensure that each project demonstrates incremental value throughout the project lifecycle.

Construction Services

Best practices for building and facility management are constantly evolving. Our team delivers lean agile services for major construction projects and buildouts to advance process improvements, facilitate collaboration, minimize waste, and promote safe outcomes for every construction project.

We promote:

  • Collaborative work planning among vendors
  • Risk analysis
  • Assistance with coordination and implementation of operational safety and compliance measures, to support proper governance, risk management, monitoring, and reporting
  • Continuous review and feedback process to capture and review lessons learned and best practices for efficient process planning, core group assignments, and integrated project controls

Facility Engineering Services

We assist defense, federal, and commercial partners with their construction buildouts. Our team coordinates with authorizing organizations to secure compliant operations of data centers through a combination of agile methodology, risk management, and process controls.

As architectural and engineering consultants, we:

  • Inspect and evaluate the condition of clients’ facilities, producing Building Assessments that identify issues and provide recommendations for replacement, repair, and/or upgrade of building components
  • Support clients in walking the line between compliance and innovation to take advantage of new technology insertions for data center implementations and secure data communications
  • Provide vendor coordination, budget estimation, system engineering, and innovation management
  • Distill requirements for building specifications, implement controls, and automate manual processes

Systems Engineering Services

All too often, outdated, underutilized, or overly customized systems get in the way of mission success. Using a problem-solving approach to mission challenges and operational ecosystems, our engineering professionals design and integrate technologies to architect practical IT solutions that work today and scale for tomorrow.

Our systems engineering team supports:

  • Needs and opportunity analysis
  • System analysis and control
  • Production planning and management
  • Systems integration and continuous improvement
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